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Access, Privacy, Security and Information Management Conference Spring 2018

The theme for the APSIM Conference 2018 is: We are Connected – Control–Alt–Delete: Control Data, Use Alternatives, and Delete Risks.

Building upon our past Conferences, the APSIM Conference 2018 strives to foster the connections between four professional groups and enhance our capacity to protect and manage personal information as we enter a future that demands increased privacy and security awareness. Our goal is to facilitate our ability to assist each other in managing, protecting and securing information.

The APSIM Conference 2018 will once again be offered FREE of charge in order to remove any financial barriers to attendance.

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NL Connections: NL Access, Privacy, Security & Information Management (APSIM) Conference

The annual NL Connections: NL Access, Privacy, Security & Information Management (APSIM) Conference is part of a series of regionally based conferences, all based on similar themes. They are the only multi-disciplinary, cross-jurisdictional, and community-based developed events for the greater public service across Canada. With a goal to offer this series of conferences from coast-to-coast, the six Connections events are currently hosted in St. John's (NL) opens in new window opens in new window, Halifax (NS) opens in new window opens in new window, Ottawa (ON) opens in new window opens in new window, Toronto (ON) opens in new window opens in new window, Winnipeg (MB) opens in new window opens in new window, and Regina (SK) opens in new window opens in new window.

These conferences are intended for individuals working within the public sector, health care community, and anyone interested in access, privacy, security, and information/records management issues. The daily lives of public sector employees are intertwined with these topics, which is why this conference is truly beneficial for those working, and/or interested, in the field.

The NL APSIM Conference aims to help attendees:

  • Improve knowledge on the subject matter,
  • Network and build new relationships, and
  • Learn about the inter-connectivity of the disciplines.

This series of conferences is undoubtedly unique in Canada. Although the Connections conferences are linked, each individual conference is developed using a community-based approach, whereas the agenda planning committee is made up of individuals who are actual practitioners and leaders within their specific jurisdictions. With an agenda made up of strategically chosen plenary, breakout, and workshop sessions, delegates are able to select their own path based on their goals, and role within their organization. Who Should Attend?

  • Access & Privacy Professionals
  • Information Technology and Information Security Experts
  • Academics
  • Lawyers
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • FOI Officers
  • Federal Public Servants
  • Communications Managers
  • Information / Records Managers
  • Municipal Employees
  • Service Delivery Personnel
  • Chief Privacy Officers
  • Chief Counsels
  • Security Officers