Access and Privacy Analysts for the OIPC are available to make presentations to interested groups within the Province about the ATIPPA, 2015, the PHIA and the Commissioner's Office.

ATIPPA, 2015 also specifically empowers the OIPC to inform Public Bodies of their responsibilities and duties under the legislation. We therefore encourage public bodies to also contact us to arrange training/education sessions, and we remind public body coordinators that we are always available and happy to offer general advice with respect to any issues of legislative interpretation or procedure that may arise as you work through an access to information request or privacy issues.

Please contact us at 1-877-729-6309 or 1-709-729-6309, fax 1-709-729-6500 or email

The OIPC also delivers training sessions to any group upon request. Below are some of the presentations delivered thus far, but new presentations can be developed and tailored to any relevant topic.

These presentations were prepared to help public bodies comply with the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015 (“ATIPPA, 2015”) and the Personal Health Information Act (“PHIA”). These presentations are administrative tools intended to assist in understanding the ATIPPA, 2015 and PHIA. They are not intended to be relied on as legal advice and cannot be relied on as such. For the exact wording and interpretation of the ATIPPA, 2015 and PHIA please read the legislation in its entirety. These documents are not binding on the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Newfoundland and Labrador